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Chatbots. Scripted Content. Copy.

Hi. My name is Simon. I write emotional dialogue for robots, craft compelling narratives for games, and create unforgettable copy that puts brands over the top. I do all of this by harnessing the unstoppable power of storytelling.

I have written and developed content for CNBC, Electus, Eli Roth’s Crypt TV, White Horse Pictures, Indigenous Media and Toei Animation Japan. Additionally, I’ve written dialogue for AI chatbots like Samsung’s digital assistant Bixby, gamified e-learning narratives and scripted content for businesses and brands.

Stories compel us towards action. We buy products when we identify with them. We go places when they call to us. We learn when we care. Stories can achieve all of these things by sparking emotions and forging a bond between audience and messenger. I want to help you tell stories that connect people with your mission.




Edinburgh, U.K.

+44 07871061213


Things I Write

AI CHAtBOT/Conversation Design

Robots are an extension of ourselves. My AI personalities are fun, casual, and a little quirky. The two most important characteristics for digital personalities are smart and easy. Their functionality should always revolve around simple interactions that leave an emotional impact on users.

Scripted Content

I like to tell accessible stories with big emotions. My favorite client brief thus far has been Open Water meets The Breakfast Club. The result? A coming-of-age story mixing nostalgia and suspense following a disaster at a community pool. It was the best educational game I ever wrote.


People don’t buy products. They equip themselves for the story they want to live. I approach copywriting as high-end commercial narratives. The Long Quest. Overcoming the Monster. Rags to Riches. Clients gather around the campfire to hear our versions of these stories.


A guy comes home from college to find his mother sleeping with his uncle, and there’s a ghost running around. Write it good, it’s Hamlet; write it bad, it’s Gilligan’s Island.
— Lorne Michaels


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