Most of my stories are about small, personal journeys. That's not to say stuff doesn't happen, lots of things happen all the time. I just tend to focus on feelings, empathetic moments, and weird occurrences that leave a lasting impact.

My work has been recognized by The Blacklist, Harvard University's Hasty Pudding Institute, The Academy Nicholl Fellowships, The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and Scriptd. My original screenplay The Wind at Spanish Needle is currently in pre-production with Nigel Sinclair & Guy East's White Horse Pictures and is slowly on its way to your local multiplex.

I have written dialogue for Artificial Intelligence, including Samsung’s Bixby and Passion Analytics’ PAT. I also wrote the script for the pilot episode of CNBC’s “The Future With Dan Kaufman.”

My background is primarily in screenwriting, but I've been venturing into fiction to write stories that I could never get away with as a script. With titles like Nixon Was A Ladies Man, Steve McQueen's Body, and Tonight You’re Fighting A Bear, I think there's plenty here to keep you coming back for more.

- S.N.

Full List of Titles


The Wind At Spanish Needle, Bram Stoker, Jane Doe, Steve McQueen's Body, Manhattan Beach, Baja '62, Noble Beast, Bothered Minds, Sundowners, Board & Care, Friendly Skies, The Last Day (w/ Daniel Abts)

Short & Flash Fiction

Volunteer, Tonight You're Fighting A Bear, Dysphagia, Diving Bell, House Show In Badger County High School Gym, Ventura 2100, An Incredible Life