The Wind At Spanish Needle:

"This is a very accomplished piece of work.  The story is riveting from start to finish, with unique and compelling characters each with their own goals, a fabulous and heartfelt journey, all of it told poetically with a moving and meaningful theme.  Fabulous."

"It would be hard to imagine a fresher and more heartfelt cast of characters in a genre that is typically filled with a very cliché and over-used set of stock characters...This casts a wonderful spell from the very first page.  It is a magical take and elevates the genre to new heights."

- Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences Nicholl Fellowship


"This is an excellent script through and through. It's first and foremost rooted in compelling characters. They're well-defined and complicated figures. The lead, Preston, is a good example. He's mostly blind and irascible but still wilier than most men and has a soft heart for the helpless. He's a great lead and fascinating to follow. The dialogue is also sharp and funny. The characters use an easy-going and clever mode of talking that's fun to read and easy to imagine. Not only that, each character has their own rhythms and cadences of speech. It gives the piece a great deal of personality."

- The Blacklist


"The Wind At Spanish Needle is worthy... Pithy, dry witted, and well done. It will make a fabulous movie."

- Jessica Bendinger, writer of "Bring It On" and "Stick It"


Baja '62:

"An exciting, original, fast paced noirish thriller. Twists, surprises, smart, snappy dialogue, this one is a treat. A cast of interesting characters, great locations with atmosphere, man eating crabs, barracudas to go with the cannibals and even manages to bring nuclear winter into the mix. Can't beat that, not to mention loving the car. Yes!"

"This is an engaging, seamy and dark Mexican thriller. The plot bends and turns right out of 40's noir."

- Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences Nicholl Fellowship


Manhattan Beach:

"It is remarkable how MANHATTAN BEACH is able to arrive at some powerfully affecting moments of emotionality in the script's final act. Trina's redemption and catharsis are earned and effective, and while her character arc could have easily felt contrived or melodramatic, the writer executes it with a measured sensibility that works quite well. It's great to see a script that can wallow in unabashed grotesquerie and yet still find a bittersweet tone and sense of heart by the end."

- The Blacklist


The Last Day (w/ Daniel Abts):

"This script was a real trip; totally bizarre, wickedly atmospheric and quite creepy even on the page; I’m sure it would be quite disturbing on screen, in the best way."

"I initially thought this was going to be yet another zombie apocalypse story. May the octopus gods bless these writers for going in a completely different and wildly original direction while still riffing off the apocalyptic genre."

"For all the zombies and demonic elements to this story, it really is about family... and family is where it shines. Simple. Emotional. Scary. It really takes the POV of how one would react, especially if their family was in danger. And, it does a great job. I cared about these people and what happened to them. The script has elements of Richard Matheson as well as George Romero, and plays them to the hilt. This was a good script that did exactly what it set out to do... scare audiences while taking them on an emotional journey."

"This script works on nearly every level. Because of the fantastical things that happen in the script, it was vitally important that we cared about these characters, and felt as though their struggles, their fears, were real. The Last Day achieves this and then some."

"The use of light (or lack thereof) is inspired here. Surrounding the characters in darkness, only to illuminate them with things they might find, was an inspired choice. It worked great on the page, I can only imagine what it would be like in a theater. Also great are the creatures, and the mutations of the characters. This world feels like a cross between Clive Barker and Lovecraft, with some unique bits and pieces thrown in. The ways the creatures are crafted and used are wonderfully imaginative. Once again, while I was reading I wish I could someway just will this script onto a screen so I could see it. This creepy, moody, atmospheric script engages from the first page to the last."

-  Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences Nicholl Fellowship


Friendly Skies:

"This is an excellent piece of writing. It's vastly entertaining--funny, poignant, and suspenseful--and memorable... absolutely top notch."

- The Blacklist